"They" means either "ils" or "elles" and you can use either "Ils" or "elles".

French Translation.

. For example: Informal : Je te présente.



Félicitez. 2) “Mon ami” in French: what it really means. .

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Duolingo doesn't want us to magically discover if it's masculine or feminine. to be one of a kind (=unique) être unique en son genre, ne pas avoir son pareil.

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French Translation of “kind” | The official Collins English-French Dictionary online.
Both formal and informal French have their own specific uses.

À eux deux, ils font la paire.


The very classic way to say “It’s funny ” in French would be “C’est drôle “, but “C’est marrant ” and “C’est rigolo ” are totally fine too, even if they are a bit more informal. on in familiar situations, i. .

But using it on its own, such as Bonjour, mon ami, comment ça va ? to. They’re two of a kind. Ils,elles. Hey There, Fresher! Slang ways to say ‘Hello’ are also very popular in the school setting as well as the office. . .


Ils sont amusants = They are funny (All men and/or boys, or mostly men and/or boys ) Elles sont amusantes = They are funny (Only women and/or girls). But if you're already familiar with the person you're speaking to (such as friends and family), you can drop the highly formal vous and use tu instead.





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